EU prepares to supply ammunition to Ukraine

Borrell made a statement to the press before the meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU member states in Brussels.

Pointing out that approximately 350 million people in the world are extremely poor and in a dangerous situation, Borrell emphasized that these people were in a bad situation before the Russia-Ukraine War, but the humanitarian situation became extremely dangerous with the war.

Regarding the extension of the Grain Corridor Agreement for the export of grain and food from Ukraine, Borrell said, “We congratulate the United Nations (UN) and Turkey for this diplomatic effort.” used the phrase.

Pointing out that the Grain Corridor Agreement should be implemented “without delay”, Borrell stated that otherwise there would be casualties.

Borrell said that in the first part of the meeting, the situation in Ukraine will be discussed, the latest events and how they will support Ukraine.

Pointing out that the defense ministers will also attend the afternoon session, Borrell said, “We hope to complete the agreement on the supply of ammunition to Ukraine.” said.

Borrell stated that they have a three-stage approach to provide about 2 billion euros of ammunition so that Ukraine can continue to defend itself.

Stressing that he hopes the ministers will agree on this issue and take a very important decision, Borrell said, “Otherwise it will be difficult for us to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine.” made its assessment.

Borrell, “We provide 2 billion euros for the purchase of ammunition. We know what kind of ammunition Ukraine needs.” he said.

Stating that Ukraine needs 155,152 and 102 millimeter artillery shells, Borrell said, “We know what they need. We will provide the ammunition they need.” said.

When asked by a journalist if there were enough 155 millimeter shells in Europe, Borrell said, “We must produce more. We need to increase our production capacity to produce more.” used the phrase.

Stating that the ammunition in the hands of EU countries will be sent to Ukraine in the first stage and that more production will be made in the second stage, Borrell explained that the industrial capacity will be developed for more production in the third stage.

Borrell emphasized that the financing and capacity are available and that the member states should act together.

Regarding the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Borrell said that this is a very important and game-changing development.

Reminding that Russia does not recognize the court, Borrell said, “If Putin travels to one of the more than 130 countries that have signed this international agreement, he should be arrested immediately.” he said.

Stating that the ministers will also discuss the situation in Tunisia, Borrell said that political instability in Tunisia combined with a terrible economic situation.

Borrell noted that they closely follow the developments in Tunisia and that he may visit this country soon.

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