EU: We follow the developments in Tunisia with concern

Answering the question about Tunisia at the press conference of the spokespersons of the EU Commission, Foreign Relations Spokesperson Nabila Massrali said, “We are following the events with great concern as Tunisia is going through a difficult situation.” said.

Noting that the EU has a deep and close strategic cooperation with Tunisia, Massrali said, “The EU hopes that the Tunisian authorities will respond correctly to the challenges facing the country. Political and social stakeholders should work together in an inclusive way.” he said.

Noting that the EU is ready to support the efforts for structural changes in Tunisia, Massrali stated that the developments regarding Tunisia will be discussed at the EU Foreign Ministers Meeting to be held on 20 March.

events in Tunisia

Since 11 February, detention operations involving politicians, journalists, activists, judges and business people have been carried out in Tunisia.

The “wave of detention” began with the detention of former Ennahda Movement executive Abdulhamid al-Jalasi, Democratic Bloc for Jobs and Freedoms executive Hiyam et-Turki and businessman Kemal Latif on charges of conspiring against state security.

Ennahda Movement announced on February 14 that Nureddin al-Bahiri, Deputy Chairman of Ennahda and former deputy, and Nureddin Butar, Editor-in-Chief of Mozaik FM, were detained. Following the completion of their detention periods, it was decided that Bahiri and Butar would be tried in pre-trial detention.

It was announced that the leader of the Ennahda Movement, Rashid al-Gannouchi, was detained on February 16, and former Office Manager Fethi Kemmun was detained on charges of “money laundering” on February 24.

On February 22, Republican Party Secretary General Isam al-Shaabi, on February 24, Constitutional Professor Cevher bin Mubarak, a member of the National Liberation Front, and political activist Şeyma Issa, and on February 25, former Secretary General of the Democratic Current Party Gazi al-Shevashi were detained. .

The Republican Party announced on February 25 that Şabi, Bin Mubarak, İssa, Şevaşi and lawyer Rıza Bilhac were arrested.

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