EU will supply Ukraine ammunition and missiles if requested

At the European Union (EU) Leaders’ Summit held in Brussels, the consequences of Russia’s attack on Ukraine were evaluated. While the meeting was going on, the part of the summit statement about Ukraine was published.

In the text, which stated that the political, military, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine will continue until the end, it was emphasized that efforts were increased to meet the increasing military needs of Ukraine.

EU leaders expressed their satisfaction with the decision taken at the European Council earlier this week to send 1 million artillery shells to Ukraine within a year as a result of a joint purchase through the European Peace Fund.

“Missiles can be supplied to Ukraine”

In addition, it was announced that if Ukraine “demands”, missiles will be supplied to this country through joint purchases.

The EU administration has been working for a while to meet Ukraine’s need for ammunition, especially 155 millimeter artillery shells. At the EU Foreign Ministers Meeting held at the beginning of the week, an agreement was reached for the supply of ammunition.

It is planned that member states with such ammunition will hand over their own to Ukraine, and additionally complete 1 million rounds through joint purchases.

Efforts are underway for defense industry companies, especially those in Europe, to increase production so that EU countries can replenish and replenish their own stocks.

Plans to increase pressure on Russia with sanctions

The leaders said they intend to increase the mass pressure on Russia, as well as support for ammunition. “The EU remains committed to maintaining and increasing the collective pressure on Russia, including through possible additional restrictive measures, as well as working with partners on an oil ceiling,” the text said. statement was included.

Leaders also highlighted the importance of effective enforcement of existing sanctions at EU and national level and to prevent sanctions from being circumvented by other countries.

EU leaders called on the European Council and the European Commission to develop tools to strengthen the enforcement of sanctions. In addition, it was emphasized that work with other countries would be intensified against Russia’s rhetoric and disinformation.

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