Europe is silent on the provocative actions of the PKK terrorist organization

Sometimes they burned down the streets with the rags of the terrorist organization, sometimes they clashed with the police and set fire to the place. Despite this, they were hosted in the senate and were rewarded with the so-called medal of honor.

The PKK presence in France is on the agenda again with the trial of 11 terrorist organization supporters, which started within the week.

It was determined that members of the terrorist organization formed secret cells to mobilize the Kurdish community in Europe.

It was also revealed that the authorities allowed the activities organized by the so-called associations of the terrorist organization. The suspects are on trial for “financing terrorism, blackmail, extortion and forced recruitment”.

Sweden on hold

The existence of a terrorist organization is also a troublesome issue for Sweden.

Sweden, which wants to join NATO for its own security after the Russia-Ukraine war, is on hold because it has not yet taken the steps Turkey wants. Despite the tripartite agreement, he did not extradite the PKK members in the country.

Sweden, which was revealed to have financed the terrorist organization, was content to watch Finland’s NATO membership from afar.

They attack Turkish associations in Germany and collect tribute

The country with the highest number of PKK supporters is Germany.

14,500 supporters of terrorist organizations attack Turkish associations and institutions from time to time and organize demonstrations in front of Turkish consulates in Germany.

Its supporters collect tribute in the country, and the organization, which they take under the name of an association, smuggles them away from their homes to the mountains.

Nilüfer T., who was kidnapped by the terrorist organization in Germany, could not be found despite the years-long struggle of her mother, Maide T..

Germany has recognized the PKK as a terrorist organization since 1993.

England, Belgium, Denmark, Austria…

In the UK, it is forbidden to carry symbols of the PKK terrorist organization.

However, when rags belonging to the organization are carried during the marches, the British police only accompany them.

Belgium, Denmark and Austria are among the countries where supporters of the terrorist organization operate.

The danger posed to the continent by the terrorist organization, which has put European countries in trouble with its actions and violent demonstrations in the recent period, is growing.

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