Exoplanet thought to be covered with volcanoes discovered

According to the news of CNN, scientists stated that the newly discovered exoplanet called “LP 791-18 d” is probably covered with volcanoes.

It was noted that the planet in question may be experiencing eruptions such as the Io satellite of Jupiter, the most active celestial body in terms of volcanoes in the Solar System.

In the statement made by NASA, it was informed that the exoplanet was discovered as a result of the evaluation of data from the Transiting Exoplanet Research Satellite (TESS), the Spitzer Space Telescope, which has expired, and ground-based telescopes.

It was reported that the discovered exoplanet is about 90 light years away from Earth, orbiting a red dwarf star and located in the Crater Constellation.

Volcanic activity is affected by the gravitational force of another orbiting planet

In the statement, which stated that two more planets are orbiting the dwarf star, “LP 791-18 b”, one of the planets in question, is 20 percent larger than the Earth and “LP 791-18 c” is 2.5 times the size of the Earth, but its mass is the same as Earth. It is stated that it is 7 times larger than .

Astronomers think that the giant planet “LP 791-18 c” may have an effect on the volcanic activities of the exoplanet.

As the two celestial bodies orbit the dwarf star, the larger planet’s gravity changes the orbit of “LP 791-18 d” as the planets converge.

It was noted that each rotation around the star makes the orbit of the exoplanet a little more oval, which causes the interior of the planet to warm up and increase volcanic activity. The same is thought to occur on Io, which is caught in the gravitational field between Jupiter and its larger moons.

Discovered planet likely covered by Io-like volcanoes

Ian Crossfield, a lecturer in physics and astronomy at the University of Kansas and co-author of the study, said:

“We don’t know if there are volcanoes on the planet. All we know is that ‘LP 791-18 d’ is a minor planet that experiences periodic yawning in its orbit due to its orbit around its star and other nearby planets. This is Jupiter’s moon Io, the most volcanically active celestial body in our solar system. “We know this because we’ve sent spacecraft near Io and took pictures.”

It was reported that scientists estimate the distance of the newly discovered exoplanet to its star is located at the inner edge of the habitable zone, which provides the temperature to support the water on the surface of the planet.

“Only one side of LP 791-18 d faces its star. The day side will likely be too hot to have liquid water on the surface. However, we suspect it’s occurring all over the planet,” said Björn Benneke, a lecturer in astronomy at the Trottier Institute for Exoplanet Studies at the University of Montreal and co-author of the study. Volcanic activity can create an atmosphere that could allow water to condense on the night side.” made the statement.

It was stated that volcanic activities may actually help the planet maintain an atmosphere, although it may seem like a barrier to water and life.

Jessie Christiansen, a research fellow at the Institute for Exoplanet Science at NASA California Institute of Technology and co-author of the study, noted:

“In astrobiology, which studies the origins of possible life on Earth or other celestial bodies, the biggest question is whether tectonic or volcanic activity is necessary for life. In addition to potentially providing an atmosphere, these activities can prevent substances we think are important to life, such as carbon, from being trapped in the crust and shake them up.” It can benefit by mixing it.”

The research was published in the journal Nature.

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