Finland’s SDP, led by Prime Minister Marin, finished behind the elections

According to the uncertain results shared by the Finnish Ministry of Justice and Finnish publication YLE, 99.8 percent of the votes have been counted in today’s general elections.

The Conservative National Coalition Party took the lead with 20.8 percent, while the True Finns Party received 20 percent and the Social Democratic Party 19.9 percent.

Accordingly, in the 200-member Finnish parliament, the National Coalition Party will be represented with 48, the True Finns Party with 46, the Social Democratic Party with 43, the Center Party with 23, the Green Union with 13 and the Left Alliance with 11 deputies. The Swedish People’s Party is expected to elect 9 deputies. The remaining proxies were shared between the Center Party, “Movement Now” parties and independent candidates.

The number of registered voters was 4 million 540 thousand 437, and the voter turnout rate was 71.9 percent.

The current cabinet, headed by Marin, consisted of the coalition of which the Social Democratic Party, Center Party, Green Union, Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party were part.

According to the uncertain results, the number of deputies in the current cabinet cannot exceed 100 and a new coalition is foreseen according to the estimates.

The party that completes the elections as a leader in Finland has the first opportunity to form a government. In order to govern the country, a coalition with more than 100 deputies in the 200-seat parliament must be formed.

After the announcement of the final results on April 5, it is expected that negotiations for coalition formations will begin and the new government will be announced in the coming days.

The parties that completed the 2019 elections in the top three places were the Social Democratic Party, the True Finns Party and the National Coalition Party, respectively.

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