For the first time in Britain’s monarchy history, female priests will take part in the coronation

Lambeth Palace, the official office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest spiritual leader of the Church of England, has shared details regarding the liturgical portion of the coronation.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will conduct the religious ceremony, called “Called to Serve.” The ritual will consist of five parts: introduction, oath, blessing, coronation, enthronement, and devotion.

Before the introductory part of the ceremony, religious leaders of Christian denominations, leaders of different religions and sects, representatives of 15 countries where the King is the head of state, and the church choir will enter the cathedral.

The next King and Queen will be greeted by a young choir member for the first time in the history of the monarchy to show the importance given to young people.

Muslim lords will present the royal jewels

According to the statement, other innovations will be seen for the first time during the ceremony to show England that has changed since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

The King, who will be welcomed by the young choir member, will read the prayer written for him for all to hear. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is Hindu, will read the Bible’s Letter to the Colossians on behalf of the governments of the states where the King is the head.

The king will read the text of the newly written oath, and hymns will be sung in the country’s local languages, Gaelic, Scottish Celtic and Irish Celtic.

The “Declaration of the Lords” part of the ceremony was changed to “Declaration of the People”. In this episode, the text of the oath will be projected onto the screens so that those who watch the ceremony on television take an oath of allegiance.

For the first time in the history of the monarchy, female priests will also serve at the ceremony. Bishop of London Sarah Mullally, Bishop of Dover Rosu Hudson-Wilkin and Bishop of Chelmsford Gulnar Eleanor Francis-Dehqani will attend the ceremony.

For the first time in history, accessories (Royal jewels) representing the King’s secular and religious duties will be presented to the King by non-Christians. Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh members of the House of Lords will present these accessories to the King during the coronation and donning part of the ceremony.

Muslim Lord Syed Kamall will present the cuffs to the King.

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