For the first time in Scotland, a Muslim has been elected Prime Minister of the Regional Government.

After the resignation of Scottish Regional Prime Minister and Scottish National Party (SNP) Chairman Nicola Sturgeon both as prime minister and party leader, Hamza Yusuf, a Muslim of Pakistani origin, won the leadership race.

After Sturgeon’s resignation, the results of the leadership race of Scottish Finance and Economy Minister Kate Forbes, Health and Social Services Minister Hamza Yusuf and former Social Security Minister Ash Regan to become the next leader of the SNP and Regional Prime Minister of Scotland have been announced.

Yusuf, who won the race with 26 thousand 32 votes after the voting that started on 13 March and lasted for 14 days by the SNP members, became the new leader of the party.

Hamza Yusuf, 37, of Pakistani origin, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, is expected to be declared the Scottish Regional Prime Minister after the vote to be held in Holyrood, the Scottish Autonomous Parliament, tomorrow.

“We are determined to bring independence to Scotland”

Prepared to become the first Muslim Scottish Regional Prime Minister, Yusuf said after the results were announced that he was “determined” to bring independence to Scotland, primarily by teaming up with his party.

“If there are divisions that need to be healed, we have to do it and do it quickly because we have a job to do and as a party, we are at our strongest when we are united, and what unites us is our shared goal of achieving independence for our nation.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that the Scottish people need independence more than ever, Yusuf said, “We will be the generation that will provide it.” said.

Sturgeon, Scotland’s longest-serving prime minister, resigns

Sturgeon, who was “Scotland’s first female prime minister” and “the first female president of the SNP”, served as prime minister for 9 years.

Sturgeon, who has also been a member of parliament for nearly 25 years, was elected party chairman and prime minister in the election held after his resignation following the “no” result in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, in which former Prime Minister Alex Salmond supported “yes” votes.

Sturgeon’s second independence referendum, which is also “the longest serving politician in Scotland”, was blocked by the Supreme Court in England.

Nicola Sturgeon announced her resignation on February 15 and stated that she could not see the energy to carry out the task.

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