France fire place: Eventful protests continue for 5 days

The eventful protests that started with the death of a young person by a police bullet in France continue on the 5th day.

In the images reflected on social media, the streets continue to be mixed in many cities of the country, especially in Paris.

[Fotoğraf: Reuters]

5 nights left in protests

Despite the armored vehicles and special teams deployed in the cities where the protests intensified, the protests, which frequently witnessed violence, entered their 5th night.

In addition, despite the law enforcement evacuating Paris’ touristic street Champs-Elysées, protesters are trying to enter the street from many points.

Police began to intervene in the demonstrators, who were shouting “Justice for Nael” slogans.

Arson attacks continue in Paris

In the Barbes district, the protesters attacked the police with fireworks and set fire to the barricades they had set up.

While the Champs-Elysées, the touristic street of Paris, left its place to the crowd again, the intense number of police in the area drew attention.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced that the number of people detained in the demonstrations that started in the evening in Paris increased to 80.

Darmanin noted that 55 people were detained by the police in Marseille, where the events intensified.

Photo: Reuters[Fotoğraf: Reuters]

Masked demonstrators attacked police with fireworks

While the protests flared up again in the city of Strasbourg, the demonstrators attacked the police with fireworks intensely. While the protests increased in the city of Rennes, the masked group gathered fireworks at the police.

Special forces teams began to intervene with armored vehicles to suppress the events.

While the police are trying to prevent looting and looting by patrolling around the touristic Şenzelize Street, which they could partially evacuate, clashes are taking place between the police and the demonstrators in the side streets.

The looting continues

After another eventful night, the gendarmerie helicopter began to patrol the skies of Marseille.

It was also claimed that many people were injured when the police opened fire with rubber bullets to suppress the demonstrations in the city.

The protesters also entered a car dealership in the city and took the vehicles inside and left the area.

Photo: Reuters[Fotoğraf: Reuters]

In the city of Montpellier, the police tried to detain the looters by raiding a store during the looting.

Also, in the city of Maubeuge, where cars were set on fire, a police car crashed into a masked protester in the middle of the road.

The police began to follow the fleeing demonstrator by car.

Photograph.  Reuters[Fotoğraf. Reuters]

In some cities, far-rightists took to the streets against protesters.

On the other hand, it is claimed that extreme right-wing and masked groups in Angers and Chambery took to the streets and beat the demonstrators.

It was stated in the Twitter posts that the far-right group in Angers dispersed after a group of demonstrators targeted them.

In another image, which is stated to have been taken in the city of Metz, a few people with swords are reflected on the cameras.

Request for support from mayors

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said a store in the city center was looted by a “gang of young people”.

Stating that the tension in the city has increased, Estrosi said that those who participated in the looting were detained by the police thanks to the cameras.

On the other hand, the French television channel BFMTV reported that after the events in many cities got out of control, the mayors requested more effective help from the government to restore order.

Nearly 2000 people have been detained and more than 200 police officers have been injured in the events that have continued in many parts of the country so far.

Photo: AA[Fotoğraf: AA]

French Prime Minister Borne moved to the crisis center in Paris due to the eventful protests

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, in a statement on her Twitter account, stated that 45,000 police and gendarmerie and thousands of firefighters were deployed to maintain order as of the evening.

Sharing the images that he came to the crisis center established within the Ministry of Interior in the capital Paris, Borne stated that he came to the crisis center to show his and his government’s support to the law enforcement officers in the field.

In addition to the Champs-Elysé Street, protests have been going on for hours in some of its districts.

While the police intervened with batons and tear gas, the protesters responded to the law enforcement officers with fireworks, set fire to barricades and tried to keep the police away from the area.

Photo: Reuters[Fotoğraf: Reuters]

Detentions have increased

On the other hand, French television channel BFMTV reported that 322 people were detained across the country, 126 of them in Paris and 65 in Marseille.

In the city of Marseille, 2 policemen were injured by the fireworks fired by the protesters.

The mayor’s house was targeted by a burning vehicle in the events in France

While the events that started with the death of a teenager by a police bullet intensified in France, the house of L’Hay-les-Rose Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun was targeted with a burning vehicle.

Mayor Jeanbrun, in a statement on Twitter, stated that his house was entered by a vehicle that caught fire and said, “My wife and children are in shock and they are injured. They are murderers.”

On the other hand, protests continue violently in the city of Marseille as well as the capital city of Paris.

In the country where looting is frequent, some demonstrators, to whom the police intervened harshly, were seriously injured.

In the images on social media, it is seen that a person who was hit by the police lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

In addition, images of a large fire in Paris by arson were reflected.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced on his Twitter post that 427 people were detained throughout the country in the protests that started since the evening.

Travel warning from the Turkish Embassy in Paris

The Turkish Embassy in Paris also issued a travel warning on the incidents.

In the message, Turkish citizens who will travel to France, especially Paris, were asked to stay away from the demonstration areas and call the Consular Call Center in case of emergency.

What happened?

The French police opened fire on a car with 3 people in Nanterre on 27 June, killing 17-year-old Nael M.

Those who reacted to Nael’s death took to the streets in different cities across the country and clashed with the police.

The police officer who killed the young man was suspended and sentenced to trial as a prisoner.

In the eventful protests that still continue in many parts of the country, nearly 2000 people have been detained so far, and more than 200 police officers have been injured.

In addition, looting and looting occurred during the protests held in many cities including Paris, Marseille and Lyon.

The number of cities in the country where curfews are imposed at night has increased to 10.

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