France suspends military cooperation with Gabon

Lecornu, speaking to Le Figaro newspaper, evaluated the situation in Gabon and Niger.

Commenting that the situation in Niger and Gabon is different, Lecornu said that “illegitimate soldiers” dismissed a legitimate president in Niger.

Lecornu noted that “the soldiers in Gabon claimed that the election law and constitution in their country were not obeyed”.

Stating that there are questions about the reliability of the elections in Gabon, Lecornu stated that his country has suspended military cooperation with Gabon.

Lecornu noted that they are in contact with President Mohammad Bazum, who was dismissed by military intervention in Niger.

Defending that Bazum has democratic legitimacy, Lecornu stated that they are in favor of a return to the constitutional order in Niger.

Lecornu rejected the Niamey administration’s ultimatum for 1,500 French soldiers in Niger to leave the country by Monday, saying, “Why do we have soldiers in this country? Contrary to what I sometimes hear, we do not spend French taxpayers’ money for symbolic or nostalgic reasons. (We are in Niger) Because unfortunately There has been serious terrorist activity in this part of the Sahel for many years.” used the phrases.

French Defense Minister Lecornu emphasized that, no matter what happens, Niger is responsible for ensuring the safety of French Ambassador to Niamey, Sylvain Itte.

coup in Niger

President Mohammad Bazum in Niger was detained by elements of the Presidential Guard Regiment on July 26, and that evening the soldier announced that he had seized power.

General Abdurrahmane Tchiani, Commander of the Presidential Guard Regiment, became the head of the transitional government called CNSP on July 28.

The CNSP appointed Lamine Zeine as prime minister on 7 August and announced the 21-member cabinet on 10 August, consisting of soldiers and civilians.

coup in Gabon

A group of soldiers who entered the national television building in Gabon on 30 August announced that they had taken over the administration.

The military administration named “Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions (CTRI)” announced that the elections held on August 26 were canceled and the borders of the country were closed.

It was reported that the Commander of the Republican Guard, General Brice Oligui Nguema, was brought to the leadership of the CTRI.

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