German company Rheinmetall plans to build a tank factory in Ukraine

In an interview with the Rheinische Post newspaper, Papperger stated that the West should support Ukraine more so that Russia can take back the occupied lands, and argued that Ukraine needs 600 to 800 tanks to win (the war), and that they cannot be recovered until the end of the year.

Papperger stated that in order for Ukraine to get what it wants, European countries should provide as many tanks as possible and companies should produce them as soon as possible, and noted that even if Germany delivers all 300 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, this will be very little. .

As a solution to this, Papperger stated that they can start the mass production of the Panther-type main battle tank newly developed by Rheinmetall in Germany and Hungary within 15 to 18 months and then they can produce 400 tanks per year. ” he used the phrase.

Asked whether the establishment of the factory is dangerous or not, Papperger said, “No, anti-aircraft defense is not difficult. With around 200 million euros, a Rheinmetall factory that will produce 400 Panther (type tanks) per year can be established in Ukraine.” gave the answer.

Rheinmetall CEO Papperger noted that talks with the Ukrainian government were “promising” and that he expects a decision within two months.

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