Germany: Election turnout shows Turks value democratic standards

Sasse and German Government Spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit evaluated the Presidential and 28th Term Parliamentary Elections held yesterday in Turkey in Berlin.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sasse said, “The high participation rate in the elections showed that Turkish citizens in particular value and use these democratic standards.”

Reminding that the OSCE observers also follow the elections in Turkey, Sasse noted that the reports of the observers will be awaited in order to evaluate the observations regarding the election.

Government Spokesperson Hebestreit stated that he thinks that no one is against the functioning of democratic processes.

Hebestreit said, “At the moment we do not see any impact or delay in important international decisions. This is the standard process in democracies and we find it good as well.”

Stating that they found the democratic elections pleasing, Hebestreit said, “This is what should happen. It is our wish that we always express that the election campaign will be carried out within a fair framework.”

Noting that he received information about the elections in Turkey from Prime Minister Olaf Scholz’s foreign policy adviser, Jens Plötner, Hebestreit said, “We have a consular representation in Turkey. Of course, information was provided by evaluating all open sources.”

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