Germany: Turkey’s efforts to get the Black Sea Grain Initiative back on track are key

Baerbock and Romanian counterpart Luminita Odobescu held a joint press conference after their meeting in Berlin.

Baerbock stated that Romania hosts hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, and that it helps Ukraine against Russian aggression by training Ukrainian F16 fighter pilots within the scope of the “Fighter Aircraft Coalition”. He said he bombed.

Baerbock noted that the ports on the Danube have become extremely important centers for millions of tons of grain, and that Russia wants to wipe them off the face of the earth with drones and bombs.

Criticizing the stance of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Black Sea Grain Agreement, which was implemented under the mediation of the United Nations (UN) with the efforts of Turkey, Baerbock said, “Turkey’s efforts to put the agreement back on track are important. It’s just because of Putin that freighters can’t cross freely again.” used the phrase.

Baerbock stated that Russia’s brutal war also has consequences for the poor in the world, and that Russia further increases global hunger.

Emphasizing that Romania and Bulgaria should become members of the Schengen area, Baerbock called on the countries that oppose this to end this blocking.

Romanian Foreign Minister Luminita Odobescu also condemned Russia’s attacks on the Danube region, stating that drone strikes do not pose a direct threat to Romanian territory or waters.

Expressing that they want to expand their cooperation with Germany in various fields, Odobescu thanked the German government for supporting Romania’s Schengen area membership.

Emphasizing that Romania supports the enlargement of the EU, Odobescu added that the European integration of Moldova and Ukraine has an important political priority.

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