Greece goes to the elections – Breaking News

There is a general election today in Greece, where there are 9 million 900 thousand voters.

According to the electoral system in the country, a party must receive at least 45 percent of the votes to be in power alone.

A coalition government is likely to be formed, according to polls

Polls show that no party can reach this rate alone.

It is envisaged that the New Democracy Party, currently in power, led by Mitsotakis, will emerge first from the ballot box.

SYRIZA is in second place and PASOK-KINAL alliance is in third place.

If a coalition cannot be formed after the election results, the public is expected to go to the polls again.

Call for “Turk’s vote for Turk”

European Western Thrace Turkish Federation called for the support of Turkish candidates in Western Thrace in the general elections.

“We call on all Western Thrace Turks, who have the right to vote, to go to the polls on May 21 and support the Turkish candidates,” the Federation said.

21 Turks are in the election race in Western Thrace.

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