Groom escaped, bride chased 20 kilometers in India

According to the news of NDTV, a couple in the city of Bareilly in the state of Uttar Pradesh wanted to crown their 2.5-year relationship with marriage.

All preparations for the wedding day were completed, but the groom was not present.

The bride, who was waiting under the wedding altar, known as “mandap” in the country, in traditional wedding clothes, called the groom and asked where he was.

From the groom, “I’m going to get my mom to bring her to the wedding.” The bride, who received the answer, did not believe it and went after her future husband.

After a two-hour chase of at least 20 kilometers, the bride found her groom on a bus outside Bareilly.

The groom, who was brought to a temple outside Bareilly with the support of the families, got married with the bride here.

Meanwhile, the two families and the people around them congratulated the bride for her “courage to protect her marriage”, while the groom scolded the young girl for “running away from the responsibilities of marriage” after promising to marry the young girl.

In the images of the wedding, it was seen that the groom came to the ceremony in his daily clothes.

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