Health workers who went on strike in England accepted the government’s raise offer

With the agreement of the health unions and the government, the salaries of more than one million health personnel will be increased by 5 percent.

The agreement was signed at a meeting between the government and 14 health unions representing England’s National Health System (NHS) staff other than doctors and dentists.

Within the scope of the agreement, a one-time payment of at least 1655 pounds will be made to the health personnel.

Health Minister Barclay pleased that unions accepted offer

After the reconciliation, government officials stated that it was time to end the strikes, while three unions warned that they would continue their work stoppage actions, but RCN (Royal College of Nursing), one of the unions representing nurses and rejecting the offer, had to hold a new vote among its members so that it could initiate a new strike action. he has to go.

Health Minister Steve Barclay, in his statement, expressed his satisfaction that the hike proposed in March was accepted by the unions.

Hundreds of thousands of health personnel in the country have decided to strike many times since December 2022, arguing that their salaries have eroded in the face of increasing inflation.

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