Herzog’s “People’s Bill” proposal against the judicial reform crisis

In Israel, the Netanyahu government’s regulation restricting the Supreme Court’s powers over the legislature led to the crisis.

The demonstrations organized by tens of thousands of people across the country have left 10 weeks behind.

President Isaac Herzog has warned of civil war because of the crisis.

“The last few weeks have torn us apart, damaging Israel’s economy, its security, its integrity,” said Herzog.

Israeli President proposes “People’s Bill” to overcome the crisis

Herzog announced his proposal called the “People’s Bill” to overcome the crisis.
Stating that the bill will strengthen the parliament, the government and the judicial system, he said, “The state should not be destroyed”.

Israeli media shared the details of the public draft proposed by Herzog. Accordingly, the bill includes not giving the majority in the Committee to Appoint the Judges to the governing coalition, instead giving only 5 out of 11 members to the coalition.

The bill also states that the Supreme Court cannot exercise judicial review over the Basic Laws, which are considered semi-constitutional in Israel.

Netanyahu rejected the proposal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded negatively to Herzog’s proposal for a popular bill. He suggested that the proposal would worsen the current situation.

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