Human rights and armament criticism from the USA to North Korea in the UN

In the Council, the human rights and armament program in North Korea was discussed at the meeting, which was known as the “Arria formula” and held outside the official format when there was no consensus among the countries.

At the meeting hosted by the USA and Albania with the support of Japan and South Korea, the US Ambassador claimed that the Pyongyang regime hid the human rights violations in the country and said, “Apart from the terrible violations we can hear, there are countless stories that we will never hear, that will never see the light of day.” said.

Thomas-Greenfield noted that North Korea’s systematic, extensive and unacceptable human rights violations are also included in UN reports, and that there are currently more than 80,000 political prisoners in the country who are subjected to torture.

“Kim Jong Un chooses missiles over humanity”

Noting that North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile program pose an indisputable threat to international peace and security, Thomas-Greenfield said, “North Korea’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction always comes before human rights and the needs of its own people.” he said.

Thomas-Greenfield, arguing that there are more than 10 million food insecure people living in North Korea and that food distribution policies are made in favor of the army, “Kim Jong Un chooses armament over nutrition, missiles over humanity.” he said.

Stating that each Security Council member has an obligation to prevent North Korea’s human rights violations and illegal armament program, the US Ambassador anonymously criticized some council members for “being a shield to the North Korean regime”.

“Even to this day, one permanent member has blocked this meeting from being broadcast publicly via UN Web TV. This is another attempt to hide North Korea’s atrocities from the world,” Thomas-Greenfield said. used the phrases.

China opposed broadcasting the meeting on UN television.

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