“I believe we will be successful in taking Crimea back under Ukrainian control”

Speaking to the Finnish news agency YLE and other Scandinavian news sources, Zelenskiy thanked the Scandinavian countries for their support since the beginning of the Ukraine-Russia war.

Emphasizing that the Scandinavian countries did not go back on their word, Zelenskiy said that he wanted to establish good relations with the new government to be established in Finland.

Stating that his country is planning a counterattack against Russia, Zelenskiy said, “I believe that with this attack, we will be successful in repelling the Russian forces and retaking the Crimea under Ukrainian control.”

Underlining that Ukraine’s success largely depends on the West’s continued supply of weapons, Zelenskiy said, “We want to save as many lives as possible, so the number of weapons is important.”

Emphasizing that the Russian troops were losing their motivation day by day, Zelenskiy did not reveal any details or timetable for the counterattack.

Zelenskiy said he had no right to say “we are used to war” and that trying to balance paternity with ruling a country at war is an impossible task.

Emphasizing that people tell him that he is not a bad president, Zelenskiy said, “I am definitely not a good father right now. My wife and war are raising my children.”

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