‘Immigrant’ statement that drew reaction from the French administrator

Salime Mdere, Deputy Speaker of the State Assembly of the French overseas territory of Mayotte Island, made statements on France’s plan to deport irregular migrants, mostly Comorians, on the public broadcaster France 1 television.

Mdere described the Comoros as terrorists, who resisted the deportation operation on the island, called Wuambushu, but suspended for the time being by a local court order.

Calling for some of them to be killed, if necessary, so that other immigrants are not encouraged, Mdere said:

“I do not accept the characterization of these (Comorian immigrants) as teenagers or children. They are criminals, rogue terrorists. Some should be killed. I weigh my words, some should be killed if necessary. If we don’t kill someone, others will be emboldened and some will want to kill the cops.”

Mdere, who reacted to the words of the presenter, argued that the police could kill these irregular immigrants on the grounds of self-defense.

Mdere’s statements drew reaction

Carlos Martens Bilongo, a French MP of African descent, reacted to Mdere’s words, pointing out that he calmly called for death on television.

Under French law, a public servant who makes a provocation, threat or criminal statement in a public place is sentenced to 3 to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to 45,000 euros.

Local court stops France’s operation to send immigrants

The Judicial Court in Mamoudzou, the capital of the island of Mayotte, had ordered the suspension of all French operations on the island, which included demolishing slums, on the grounds that “it is against the law and would endanger the safety of residents”.

While the first leg of the demolition was stopped before it started, District Governor Thierry Suquet stated that they appealed the decision.

Suquet stated that they could restart the operation in the coming days.

Comoros will not accept immigrants to be deported by France

The French government’s decision to deport irregular migrants from Mayotte Island and send them to the African country Comoros was rejected by the country’s government.

The Comoros administration announced that it would not allow the ships carrying the immigrants to come to its ports by refusing to accept the plan of Paris to send up to 20 thousand irregular migrants here within two months.

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