In some countries, ballot boxes are being set up today for the presidential election.

The voting process for the second round of the presidential election begins today abroad.

Turkish voters in Oman will only be able to vote on 20 May.

Voting will continue until tomorrow evening in 27 countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

The polls in 15 countries are open until the evening of May 22.

The ballot boxes to be established in 15 countries, including Albania, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Russia and Saudi Arabia, will remain open until the evening of May 22.

Voters in Finland will be able to vote until the evening of 23 May.

Voting is possible in 17 countries until the evening of 24 May.

Voting will be possible until the evening of May 24 at the ballot boxes in 17 countries, including the United States, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Ireland, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Greece.

In 12 countries, including Brazil, South Korea, Estonia, Kosovo and Serbia, ballot boxes will be set up tomorrow. Voters in these countries will only be able to vote that day.

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