In Spain, it will become mandatory for at least 40 percent of executive positions to be women.

At the weekly regular meeting of the Council of Ministers, the draft law containing positive discrimination against women was adopted on the occasion of “March 8, International Women’s Day”.

According to the information given to the press, according to the draft, it will be guaranteed that at least 40 percent of the managerial staff in companies and public institutions and organizations that employ more than 250 workers and have an annual business volume of at least 50 million euros will be women.

At least 40 percent women are required by the bill; It will also be valid for the members of the jury determined by the Council of Ministers, the election list of political parties, the board of directors of professional organizations or public institutions.

To be implemented from 1 July 2024

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Nadia Calvino stated that if the bill is approved in the Parliament, it will start to be implemented as of July 1, 2024.

Stating that the rate of women at the executive level in Spain does not exceed 20 percent in the current situation, Calvino said, “It is a law that will make us better socially and economically. All the data obtained so far shows that gender-equal countries have more developed and better economic results. It shows you have it.” said.

Unidas Podemos, the junior partner of the coalition, the ultra-leftist party, and the opposition right-wing parties do not support the Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), the major partner of the coalition that prepared and submitted the said bill, for different reasons.

Currently, there are 22 ministers in the Council of Ministers in Spain, of which 14 are women and 8 are men.

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