Indigenous artificial intelligence fights crime

Eyeminer developed by Havelsan will analyze the images. It will alert security forces or emergency teams in seconds.

It finds orphaned packages. He’s chasing criminals. He’s on the trail of missing children.

The artificial intelligence product Eyeminer, developed by Havelsan, analyzes images in seconds. It immediately activates the security or emergency unit teams.

“Aims to reduce crime rate”

The artificial intelligence product developed with domestic and national resources aims to reduce the crime rate. The product developed by Havelsan enables criminals to be identified in a very short time.

Havelsan Deputy General Manager Ömer Özkan gave detailed information about the artificial intelligence product.

Özkan said, “With Eyeminer, we ensure that the city is safer by using it both in the police force and in the municipalities. We can detect the description, you can detect the fight. You can detect weapons. In fact, what Eyeminer can do is only limited by your imagination.

Özkan said that the primary task of the artificial intelligence product is to create a deterrent effect within the scope of the fight against crime.

In the description; “When a crime is committed, we will be able to detect it much faster. Therefore, if people commit a crime, they will be aware that they are being watched from somewhere,” he said.

The application is aimed to reduce the workload of security units.

Image monitoring processes that last for days will result much faster thanks to the artificial intelligence product.

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