Iran: Our nuclear program cannot be stopped by military action or sanctions

Speaking to Al Jazeera television, Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency President Islami made evaluations about his country’s nuclear program.

Pointing out that Iran stopped its commitments in the nuclear agreement after the US unilateral sanctions, Islami said, “Reversing the reduction of our obligations in the nuclear agreement depends on the removal of sanctions and the implementation of the obligations of the US and other parties in the agreement.” said.

Reminding that the security cameras in some facilities, which are one of the additional inspection opportunities offered to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), have been removed in the nuclear facilities connected to this, Islami noted that the cameras will be reinstalled if the parties to the nuclear agreement fulfill their obligations in the agreement.

Referring to the threats of attack by Israel against Iran’s nuclear facilities, Islami said, “Our nuclear program cannot be stopped by military action or sanctions. Any attack will be met with a ‘decisive and destructive’ response.” used the phrases.

Islami argued that Israel knew that threats of military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities were “empty” and did not have the power to do so.

Stating that Iran is ready for constructive cooperation with its neighbors in the field of nuclear energy, Islami said that the accusations he calls “political turmoil” regarding his country’s nuclear program may come to an end this year.

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