Iraqi Parliament approves controversial election law

In the written statement made by the Iraqi Parliament, it was announced that the new election law was accepted in the session held.

Controversial new law

With the new election law prepared by the government partner Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish parties in Iraq, the “multiple electoral district” system will return to the “closed list and single electoral district” system.

Some small political parties and independent deputies opposed the regulation on the grounds that it would benefit the ruling parties.

It is known that the Shiite religious and political leader Muqtada es-Sadr, who retired from politics, and Ayatollah Ali es-Sistani, the highest authority of the Shiites, also opposed the return to the past in the election law.

The “multiple constituency” system in Iraq was first implemented in the elections held on October 10, 2021. With this system, especially Iran-backed Shiite parties lost votes.

Protests were held in the capital and southern provinces of Iraq against this election law.

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