Israel demands that 23 constructions, including a mosque, be stopped in the West Bank

The Israeli army, Azmi Şukayr, Public Relations Manager of Zawiya Municipality, located west of the city of Selfit, stated that the Israeli administration wanted the construction of 23 buildings consisting of a mosque, two buildings with 4 flats each, and 14 huts on agricultural lands to be stopped.

Şukayr stated that the mosque in question was “built years ago and opened for worship” and that half of the two buildings, each containing 4 flats, are ready for settlement.

The Palestinian official pointed out that all of these 23 structures are located in “zone C”.

Selfit Governor Abdullah Kamil also drew attention to the “politics of oppression” by the Israeli forces against the Palestinians.

Regions in the West Bank

Within the framework of the “Second Oslo Agreement” signed in 1995 between the Israeli administration and Palestine; It was divided into zones A, B, and C.

The administration of the “A zone”, which covers 18 percent, is administratively and security-wise to Palestine; The administrative administration of the 21 percent “zone B” has been transferred to Palestine, and its “security” to Israel; The “administrative management and security” of “Area C”, which made up 61 percent, was left to Israel.

The Israeli administration mostly does not allow Palestinians to build new buildings or expansions in “zone C”, on the grounds that it is under its control.

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