Israel demolishes a Palestinian school in the West Bank

Hasan Bericiyye, Director of the Wall of Separation (Wall of Shame) and the Council of Fight Against Jewish Settlements, Bethlehem Office, made a statement on the subject.

Barijiyya said that Israeli bulldozers and trucks raided the Jibbu ez-Zib area, where Palestinians live, east of Bethlehem city.

Stating that the school named “Et-Tehaddi 5”, which consists of five classrooms, was demolished on the grounds that it was “unlicensed”, Berijiyye said that the demolition decision was previously issued regarding the school located in “zone C”. 66 primary school students were studying at the school, which was built in 2017.

According to the statement made by the Wall of Separation (Wall of Shame) and the Council for Combating Jewish Settlements, the Israeli court has rejected all petitions submitted in recent months for the annulment of the demolition decision.

In the statement, Israel was asked to hold accountable for this act, which is against international law, and informed that “all Palestinian structures destroyed by brute force will be rebuilt.”

According to the Palestinian official agency WAFA, clashes broke out between Palestinians in the area and Israeli forces during the demolition.

Two people were injured in the incidents in which Israeli forces intervened with rubber bullets and tear gas, and many were affected by tear gas.

Condemnation of the demolition decision from Palestine

In a written statement, the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Training also condemned the destruction, emphasizing that students are deprived of the right to receive education in a free, safe and stable way like other children in the world.

In the statement, international human rights organizations were asked to fulfill their responsibility in the face of these increasing violations by Israel and to provide protection to Palestinian students and education personnel.

Condemnation from the EU’s Representation in Palestine

In the statement made by the EU’s Representative Office in Palestine, “We are shocked by the news that the school, financed by the EU, was demolished by the Israeli authorities. About 60 children were studying in this school. The demolitions are against international law.” expressions were used.

In the statement, it was pointed out that children’s right to education should be respected and it was emphasized that Israel should stop all demolition and forced eviction decisions that would increase the suffering of the Palestinian people and escalate the current tension.

Israel is demolishing Palestinian houses and structures in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which it occupied in 1967, on the grounds that they are “unlicensed”.

Palestinian efforts to obtain licenses often fail due to the prohibitive practices of Israeli authorities.

Within the framework of the “Second Oslo Agreement” signed between Palestine and Israel in 1995, the occupied West Bank was divided into regions A, B and C.

While the administration of the “A zone”, which covers 18 percent of the West Bank, was transferred to Palestine in terms of administrative and security, the administrative administration of the “B area” of 21 percent was transferred to Palestine, and its security was transferred to Israel, covering 61 percent. The administration and security of “zone C” was left to Israel.

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