Israel seizes 193 acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank

Written statement made by the Wall of Separation (Wall of Shame) and the Council to Combat Jewish Settlements, affiliated with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), took place in the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

In the statement, it was stated that Israeli authorities seized 193 decares of land in the village of Uca on the grounds of “expropriation” (expropriation).

In the statement, Chairman of the Council Mueyyed Shaban noted that the Israeli authorities used the expropriation decisions as a tool to seize the lands, especially in “Area C”, which constitutes 61 percent of the West Bank and where Palestinians are not allowed to make development plans.

Şaban stated that since 2014, Israel has issued 29 expropriation decisions on the grounds of “public interest” and confiscated 2 thousand 100 decares of land with these decisions, adding that Israel thus connects settlements with roads and tunnels, thus facilitating the lives of Jewish settlers and “colonial colonies”. He stated that he aims to serve the settlement project.

As part of its policy of confiscating Palestinian lands, Israel first declares thousands of acres of land in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem as a nature reserve, and then opens them up for settlement.

Regions in the West Bank

Within the framework of the “Second Oslo Agreement” signed between Palestine and Israel in 1995, the occupied West Bank was divided into regions A, B and C.

While the administration of the “A zone”, which covers 18 percent, was transferred to Palestine in terms of administrative and security, the administrative administration of the 21 percent “zone B” was transferred to Palestine, and its security was transferred to Israel, while the “zone C” covering 61 percent. Its administration and security were left to Israel.

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