Israeli army participates in two-week air exercise in the US

According to the written statement made by the Israeli Army Spokesperson, the Israeli Air Force and the US Air Force started an air exercise called “Red Flag”, which will last about two weeks in the US state of Nevada.

In the exercise, “strategic depth attack, ensuring air superiority, joint air strikes, defense of airspace, prevention of enemy air elements, low altitude flight, attack in foreign topography where air defense vehicles are located” will be drilled.

In addition, Israeli air refueling aircraft will refuel the US fighter jets in the air during the exercise, while the US KC135 type air refueling aircraft, which is planned to enter Israel’s inventory soon, will refuel Israeli F-35s in the air.

7 F-35 fighter jets of the Israeli air force and two Boeing 707 “Ram” refueling aircraft will also take part in the “Red Flag” exercise.

The exercise in question is held after the “Juniper Oak (Juniper Oak)” exercise carried out by the Israeli and US armies in January.

About 100 aircraft will stay in the air for up to 5 hours a day

In the statement made by the US air force, a warning of possible aircraft noise that could last for two weeks was issued for those living in Nevada.

According to the statement, approximately 100 aircraft participating in the exercise will take off twice a day and stay in the air for up to 5 hours.

The U.S. Air Force said the exercise would “provide the air force with experience of intense air combat combat sorties in a safe environment.”

In the news in the Israeli media, it was pointed out that the exercise in question took place as a “message to Iran”.

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