Israeli press: Netanyahu will not attend the conference in Tel Aviv for fear of “protest”

According to the news of the Haaretz newspaper, Netanyahu, who was afraid of the protest of the demonstrators, gave up attending the conference organized on April 23-26 due to Israel’s Independence Day.

The newspaper reported that the opposition, who was against the government’s controversial “judicial reform”, planned to hold a demonstration against Netanyahu during the conference and prevent him from speaking.

In the statement made by the Prime Minister’s Office, it was stated that Netanyahu will not attend the conference organized by JFNA “due to the intensity of the program”.

JFNA operates as an umbrella organization that includes 146 Jewish non-governmental organizations in the USA and Canada, as well as 300 independent Jewish communities.

Israel’s Chief of Staff Warning to stay away from controversy on Memorial Day

On the other hand, Chief of General Staff Herzi Halevi warned the politicians who will attend the Remembrance Day event organized by the Israeli army to commemorate the soldiers who died in the wars.

In a written statement from the Israeli army, Halevi said, “Remembrance Day establishes a deep connection between personal and national identity. This year, Remembrance Day forces us to unite in the shadow of tensions. We should respect the dead and not turn the (Remembrance Day event) into a discussion environment.” used the phrases.

Remembrance Day, held to commemorate the soldiers who died in the wars waged by Israel, falls on April 25 this year in the Hebrew calendar; The Independence Day, on which Israel’s founding activities are held, coincides with 26 April.

Postponed judicial regulation

The “judicial reform”, announced by Israeli Minister of Justice Yariv Levin on January 5, includes regulations that limit the powers of the Supreme Court and allow the government to have a say in judicial appointments.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on March 27 that he was postponing the judicial regulation, which caused mass protests and strikes across the country.

Despite the postponement decision, the Netanyahu government, which did not take a step back, stated that it would bring the controversial regulation back to the Parliament at the beginning of May.

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