Israel’s order not to sing to female soldiers created controversy

A group of about 1000 people, mostly women, gathered in front of the Camp 80 barracks in Pardes Hanna-Karkur on Sunday, singing and dancing.

The demonstrators, who blocked the road at the entrance of the barracks to traffic, carried banners that read “You will not silence us”.

The “not singing” debate came at a time when ultra-religious groups in Israel made suggestions, citing the religious sensitivities of male passengers, that women and girls should sit in the back of the bus and not be allowed on the plane.

Israeli singer Miri Aloni, who was in the army choir while serving in the military, also attended the show.

Last week, a group of female soldiers working in the kitchen at the Camp 80 base were ordered not to sing along with the music playing, and some religious soldiers in the dining area were uncomfortable with it.

According to local media reports, male soldiers were disturbed by the fact that the songs sung by female singers were being played, and demanded that the music be turned off.

It was claimed that a female commander asked the soldiers in the kitchen to turn off the music or to play only the works of male singers.

Some Orthodox Jewish men believe that the female singing voice is inappropriate. The Israeli army also has a program for Orthodox Jews where they can do their military service by studying in religious schools.

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