It was decided to continue the detention of the soldier who leaked military documents in the USA

Air National Guard soldier Jack Teixeira, who was detained for allegedly publishing classified documents belonging to the American army on the Internet, was brought before a federal judge in Worcester, Massachusetts today.

At the court, where he arrived in orange prison robes, Judge David Hennessy questioned Teixeira’s credibility and said, “At this point, the evidence shows that the defendant profoundly violated his promise to protect the information and security of the United States and its allies.” used the phrase.

Judge Hennessey ordered Teixeira to remain in custody without bail until the next hearing.

Teixeira’s lawyer requested that his client be kept under house arrest, while prosecutors demanded that the request for a pending trial be rejected on the grounds that the 21-year-old soldier could flee or seek refuge in a foreign state.

Soldier Teixeira faces 25 years in prison if found guilty.


Jack Teixeira, a member of the intelligence wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, was detained on April 14 for allegedly publishing classified documents belonging to the American army on the Internet.

It was noted that the documents that Teixeira leaked on the Internet, which had the coat of arms of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, included information about potential vulnerabilities in the defense of Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, and the number of UK special forces allegedly active in the country.

It was also stated that the documents included up-to-date military and intelligence information on important issues, including the activities of the intelligence on Russia, Israel, Canada, South Korea, China and Iran’s nuclear program.

It was pointed out that the leaks were as important as the 2010 WikiLeaks scandal, in which US diplomatic cryptos were leaked, and the Snowden crisis in 2013, when digital surveillance activities were leaked.

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