Japanese government to lift evacuation order of two districts in Fukushima

After the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, Japan plans to heal the wounds in the surrounding areas that were evacuated after the nuclear leak at the power plant.

Accordingly, the Japanese government will lift evacuation orders next week for two “hard-to-turn zones” near the Fukushima In-Dai Nuclear Power Plant.

At the meeting, the relevant ministries agreed to lift evacuation orders in Namie on March 31 and Tomioka on April 1.

In line with the decision, residents who were evacuated after the disaster will be able to return to the rebuilt points in the old regions within 2 months following the removal of the order.

Cabinet Chief Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu said in a post-consensus statement that all efforts should be made to rebuild the disaster-affected areas.

In 2011, as a result of the 9 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami that followed, 15 thousand 900 people lost their lives in the region and more than 2 thousand 500 people went missing.

Due to the nuclear meltdown caused by the disaster in the reactor at the Fukushima Dai-içi Nuclear Power Plant, the residential areas surrounding the plant were evacuated.

As of November 2022, it is known that the number of people displaced due to evacuation orders is more than 30 thousand throughout the region affected by the disaster.

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