Kremlin: Azerbaijan-Armenia solution should be based on tripartite declarations with Russia

Peskov answered questions about the issue in the South Caucasus, the meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian officials with the US side.

Pointing out that there is no other legal basis to contribute to the reconciliation between Azerbaijan and Armenia, apart from the declarations signed by Russia with Azerbaijan and Armenia, Peskov pointed out that for now, there is no alternative to these documents.

“The possible development of some joint actions and steps aimed at solving the existing problems between the two countries and reducing the tension in the region is possible primarily on the basis of the tripartite documents signed with Russia,” Peskov said.

Regarding the meeting of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken with his Azerbaijani and Armenian counterpart, Peskov expressed that any help towards a solution would be welcomed.

“However, we are well aware that there are various attempts to dilute the basis of this consensus, which may not work at all in the long run,” Peskov said.

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