Lebanese army: Israeli soldiers violated the border by 1 meter

The Lebanese army issued a written statement regarding the border violation in the south of the country.

According to the statement that the violation occurred at the Ita al-Shaab border point between Lebanon and Israel, Israeli soldiers entered Lebanese territory for 1 meter.

It was reported that as a result of the urgent arrival of Lebanese soldiers in the region, Israeli soldiers were forced to withdraw behind the Blue Line between the two countries under the control of the United Nations Interim Peacekeeping Force (UNIFIL).

Records of the violation were forwarded to UNIFIL officials.

Statement by the Israeli army spokesman

On the other hand, the Israeli army spokesperson, in its statement, argued that “dozens of suspects have gathered on the Lebanese side of the Blue Line and these people are trying to prevent the activities of the Israeli army around the border fence in the region”.

The spokesperson said that “Israeli soldiers continue their planned activities in coordination with UNIFIL forces in the region.”

The Israeli army spokesman shared that “there is no information regarding the accuracy of the reports that an Israeli officer had a physical confrontation with a Lebanese officer.”

Lastly, on January 18, the Israeli army violated the Lebanese border by 2 meters and withdrew again as a result of the intervention of the Lebanese army.

There is an 87-kilometer border between Lebanon and Israel; Tensions arise between the two sides from time to time for different reasons. The “Blue Line”, which represents the Lebanon-Israel border, is supervised and protected by UNIFIL, which was established in 1978.

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