Lithuania: We can defend Europe without China’s help

Landsbergis, in a statement on his Twitter account, criticized Europe for the support given to totalitarian governments and the investments made in these countries.

Stating that energy was purchased from Russia and technology was transferred, Landsbergis said, “We ignored the threats not only to Russia’s neighboring countries, but also to Western society. The armies were neglected, the borders were left defenseless, our capacity to repel invaders decreased.”

Underlining that the defense of Ukraine is also the defense of Europe, Landsbergis said:

“Unfortunately, our geopolitical blindness has not been cured yet. We chose not to see the threat of Russian aggression and now we choose not to see the threat of Chinese aggression. We are on the verge of repeating the same mistake. We asked Russia not to invade Ukraine and Georgia. We made phone calls. The result is tragic. It was a predictable disaster. It would be a bigger mistake.”

Stating that they can defend Europe without the help of China, Landsbergis said, “Instead of asking for help, we must show our strength and show the world that Ukraine, Europe and the USA are willing and able to secure the European continent. This is the only signal we have to send.”

Landsbergis said, “I do not recommend pleading with dictators,” suggesting a change of strategy for peace in Europe.

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