Lung transplant with robotic surgery performed for the first time in Spain

Details of the robotic surgery performed at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain, were shared at the press conference.

It was stated that the lung transplantation was successfully performed with a small incision under the breast without damaging the ribs, and the surgery was carried out entirely by robot.

It was announced that the operation was performed at the end of February and lasted for 5 hours.

Hsta is satisfied with the result

Albert Jauregui, head of the pulmonary diseases department of the hospital, stated that a similar surgery has only been performed at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York until now, but robotic surgery is partially used there, adding that robotic surgery in Vall d’Hebron is a pioneer and a milestone in the advancement of this technique on an international scale. said it would be.

Stating that lung transplants are difficult surgeries as a large incision must be made in the thorax and the ribs must be broken in order to reach the organs, Jauregui said that thanks to the new technique, robotic surgery can be performed without such an incision in the thorax and without damaging the ribs, “with a small incision as if you were opening the hood of a car”. stated that it was done.

Jauregui also stated that “thanks to the new technique, postoperative intensive care, hospital stay and pain are reduced, and respiratory rehabilitation is allowed to progress.”

Xavier, a 65-year-old male patient who had a lung transplant with robotic surgery, emphasized that he was very pleased with the result and did not feel any pain in the post-operative period, and thanked the doctors as well as the donor’s family.

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