Macron is not in favor of Europe following the US on Taiwan

On his return from his visit to China, Macron gave an interview to the US-based Politico and French Les Echos about his visit.

Touching on the issue of “strategic autonomy” for France-led Europe to become a “third superpower”, Macron said Europe must reduce its dependence on the United States.

Pointing out that Europe has increased its dependence on the USA in terms of armament and energy, Macron emphasized that the continent’s own defense industry should now focus on upgrading.

Underlining that Europe should reduce its dependence on the “inviolability of the US dollar”, as did Beijing and Moscow, Macron said, “If the tension between the two superpowers escalates, we will not have the time and resources to finance our strategic autonomy and we will be under a mandate.” made its assessment.

“The biggest risk for Europe is getting involved in someone else’s crisis”

Pointing out that the biggest risk for Europe would be to get involved in crises that would prevent the continent from building Europe’s strategic autonomy, Macron said:

“It would be paradoxical for us to start following American policy with a kind of panic reflex. The question asked of us Europeans is, ‘Will it be of any use to us to bring up the Taiwan issue quickly?’ No. For us Europeans, it would be the worst thing to think that it is necessary to follow someone on this issue, to act according to the rhythm of America or China’s overreaction.”

Pointing to the necessity of this for Europe to take its place in history, Macron stated that he should avoid being involved in a possible conflict between China and Taiwan.

Elysee Palace pleased with exercise after Macron left China

Pointing out that Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party enthusiastically embrace Macron’s concept of strategic autonomy and Chinese officials constantly refer to it in their relations with European countries, Politico’s report said, “Party leaders and Chinese theorists believe that the West is in decline and China is on the rise. “We are convinced that weakening transatlantic relations will accelerate this trend.”

Reminding that Macron started a large military exercise around Taiwan, which China sees as its own territory, hours after his return to Paris, the news reported that the French President’s circle welcomed the exercise after Macron left China.

In the report, it was stated that Macron discussed the Taiwan issue “intensely” with Xi and adopted a more conciliatory approach than the stance of the two leaders, the United States and even the European Union (EU).

Macron is more accommodating when alone with Xi

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who accompanied the French President for part of the visit, told Xi during the meeting in Beijing, “Stability in Taiwan is of great importance. The threat of using force to change the status quo is unacceptable.” “Anyone who thinks to put pressure on Beijing through Taiwan is deceiving himself.” was stated to have responded.

In the news, Macron, who is reported to agree with Xi on this issue, said, “The Europeans cannot solve the crisis in Ukraine yet. Would it be believable to say? If you really want to increase the tension, that’s the best way to do it.” It was stated that he used the expressions.

In the news, which reported that Macron had a tete-a-tete meeting with Xi, which lasted for more than 4 hours without von der Leyen, it was pointed out that the French President’s tone was speaking in a “lower and more conciliatory tone”, unlike when he was with the President of the European Commission and journalists.

In the news, it was underlined that Macron, who constantly talked about the strategic independence of Europe, skipped the issue of making Europe heavily dependent on military aid by the USA, which has guaranteed security to the continent since the Second World War.

It was emphasized that France, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and the only nuclear power of the European Union, is among the countries that least support Ukraine.

Presidency removed some of Macron’s statements from the news

Politico announced that, as is often the case in France and many other European countries, the French Presidency (Elysee Palace) imposes the condition of checking and correcting its parts before the news is published, as a precondition for Macron to give an interview.

It was stated that this condition was accepted for an interview with Macron, despite the fact that it was against Politico’s editorial policy. expression was used.

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