Maduro: Elections will be held in 2024 – Breaking News

Speaking to Radio La Pizarra Channel, Maduro said, “The presidential elections will come in 2024, the people will vote and choose their candidate. The president will be sworn in for the next term on January 10, 2025. The course of our country will be determined by peace, democracy and the power of the people.” ” used the phrase.

When asked whether the international community recognizes his presidency after the elections, Maduro said, “I don’t care what imperialism, the right and Europe think about Venezuela’s democratic process. It doesn’t matter to us whether they say something or not.” said.

Stating that they are not interested in the rhetoric of former opposition leader Juan Guaido, Maduro said that Guaido was “invented” by imperialist and right-wing oligarchs, and that he was not accepted as the head of state for a second in the country.

Maduro noted that they have reactivated strategic alliances in Latin America and the Caribbean, and that relations have improved after the change of power in Colombia, Brazil and Honduras.

Pointing to the importance of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) for the region, Maduro said, “I am very optimistic about the future of Latin America and the Caribbean, these are inevitable steps, more free, independent, fair and equal. are inevitable policies for a Latin America.” he said.

Criticizing the US policies in Latin America and the Caribbean, Maduro said, “They have nothing to offer for the good of the people, they do nothing, on the contrary, all their policies are in decline.” made its assessment.

In Venezuela, opposition leaders Guaido and Henrique Capriles announced that they would announce their candidacy in the pre-election in October 2023 before the presidential elections.

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