Man who was imprisoned for 7 years for rape in the USA was acquitted after 47 years with DNA tests

According to the BBC’s report, Mack, who was convicted of rape in 1976, underwent various DNA tests as part of the Weschester District Attorney’s Conviction Review Unit’s Innocence Project, which aims to clear wrongfully convicted individuals.

Mack, who spent more than 7 years in prison for the alleged crime, was cleared 47 years later as a result of DNA tests.

It was reported that this was the longest-lasting wrongful conviction in US history, thanks to DNA evidence.

Tests revealed that the real perpetrator was another person convicted of theft and rape, which occurred weeks after the incident.

District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah said in a statement, “This decision to drop the charge confirms that wrongful convictions not only harm their interlocutors but also make us all less safe.” she used the phrase.

According to the Innocence Project, the primary cause of wrongful convictions, as in Mack’s case, is the false testimony of witnesses.

“The state’s decision to continue prosecuting rather than reopening the investigation demonstrates its narrow view and the role that racial prejudice plays in its legal system,” said Susan Friedman, a senior attorney on the project. said.

Mack, who was wrongfully convicted for years, said in a statement that he did not lose a day’s hope that his innocence would be proven.

“Now the truth is out, I can breathe, I’m finally free,” Mack said. he spoke

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