Many sectors go on strike with the “judicial reform” crisis in Israel

While the “judicial reform” of the Netanyahu-led coalition government, which restricts the powers of the judiciary and envisages the power to have a say in judicial appointments, has caused protests throughout the country for 12 weeks, while the dismissal of Defense Minister Gallant on Sunday evening, who called for the regulation to be stopped, was the last straw.

Anti-government protesters took to the streets across the country, especially in Tel Aviv and West Jerusalem, in response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who gave the message that he would not step back on judicial regulation by dismissing Gallant. Strike announcements started to come from different sectors.

Universities’ decision to strike indefinitely

Israeli universities have also decided to go on an indefinite strike against the judicial regulation.

In a joint written statement, the rectors and administrations of the universities announced that they have declared an indefinite strike, which will include the suspension of all courses and scientific research, as of today, to protest the government’s judicial regulation.

“As the rectors and administrations of Israeli universities, we will suspend education at all Israeli research universities on the ground that the legislative process continues, which undermines the foundations of Israeli democracy and jeopardizes its continuity. We call on the prime minister and coalition members to stop the draft law immediately.

Action by government officials

In the announcement made on Sunday evening, it was announced that 26 local government heads from all over the country from the political spectrum will start a hunger strike in front of the Prime Ministry building on Monday.

Authorities are calling for stopping the legislative race, holding negotiations and allowing the country to face huge security challenges.

Doctors’ decision not to come to work “due to illness”

After Gallant’s dismissal, dozens of doctors in Israeli hospitals announced that they would not come to work “due to illness”.

According to Walla News, there are fears that hospitals will not be able to operate at full capacity if not enough doctors arrive.

Support for strike from trade unions

The government is expected to formally join the protests against the judicial reform after Arnon Bar-David, Director-General of Israel’s Histadrut Workers’ Federation, said he would make a statement to the press at 11:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Bar-David’s press conference announcement said he was “shocked” by the dismissal of Defense Secretary Gallant.

The ‘Building Alternative’ movement (BAA) also announced that it would join the strike. BAA announced that the largest women’s strike in the economy will take place on Monday, March 27.

Moran Zer Katzenstein, who is responsible for the women’s protest, said, “The coalition has pulled the brakes, we will not give up the dictatorship. We call on all women to leave their routines and go out on the streets.”

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