Members of Congress in the US to examine ‘confidential documents’ coming out of leaders’ homes

According to the news of Washington-based broadcaster Punchbowl News, which is based on sources close to the subject, the US Department of Justice, Biden, Trump and Pence’s documents labeled “confidential” were included in the most confidential files, consisting of eight senior members of Congress, Republican and Democrat. He sent it to a group of deputies called the “Gang of Eight” that had access to it.

Lawmakers will examine “confidential documents” from Biden’s home and office, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion, and Pence’s Indiana home.

The intelligence committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate have long emphasized the importance of handling and keeping confidential documents, demanding access to these documents and requesting information from the Ministry of Justice about the work carried out on this issue.

The Justice Department opposed the release of the documents to Congress because they were “part of an ongoing investigation.” But Justice Minister Merrick Garland said last month that the documents could be shared soon.

The “confidential documents” problem in the USA

Former US President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida was searched by FBI agents on August 8, 2022, and many “confidential documents” were found there.

In January, the FBI found classified documents at President Joe Biden’s residence in Delaware and his personal office at the Penn Biden Center, which he founded.

Pence, on the other hand, was reported to have found “a small number” of classified documents from his post as vice president during the Trump administration in 2017-2021 at his home in Indiana.

The inability of top state leaders to properly manage “confidential documents” containing sensitive information in the name of national security continues to be on the agenda in the American public.

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