Mexico finds US fight against drugs unsuccessful

While US authorities estimated that most of the fentanyl, which is also used as a narcotic drug, was produced in Mexico, Obrador denied this.

It is noted that fentanyl in the drug market can also be obtained from some drugs used in anesthesia.

Obrador stated that he will consult with experts whether the use of fentanyl in drugs can be stopped in order to prevent malicious use, and they will offer the USA to take the same step.

Rejecting US calls not to “give no respite” to the drug networks, Obrador said: “We will not be their slaves. We were chosen by the Mexicans to protect the Mexican people. We should help each other instead of telling each other whether or not to do something. They have proven they can’t solve the problem. More or less failed strategies.” found its assessment.

It is stated that more than 70,000 people die in the United States each year from fentanyl.

Mexico’s Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday that 1.83 million fentanyl pills had been seized in the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

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