Military exercise in the heart of the city in France

The Orion23 exercise, which started in France on February 25 and was carried out with the participation of NATO allies, ended.

The last phase of the exercise, in which 7,000 soldiers from France, USA, Italy, Spain, Belgium and England participated, was held in Cahors, France.

In the drill in Cahors, the soldiers used blank bullets, sound and smoke bombs, while the civilians continued their daily lives.

The soldiers took back the captured city as part of the exercise scenario.

In the footage recorded by the bystanders, it was seen that vehicles and civilians continued to cross the roads while the soldiers reenacted the residential area conflict.

Nearly a thousand soldiers participated in the Orion23 exercise in Cahors, the largest exercise held in an urban environment in recent years. Orion exercise, organized annually by the French Armed Forces and carried out in air, land, sea and cyber areas, is considered one of the most important military exercises organized by France.

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