More than 100 people arrested in raids on criminal organization Ndrangheta

According to the news of the public broadcaster ARD, which is based on security sources, hundreds of police officers participated in the large-scale operation carried out in 6 European Union countries, including Germany, Italy, France and Belgium.

It was stated that arrest warrants were executed for 108 people in the large-scale operation targeting the Ndrangheta mafia group.

The operation, codenamed “Eureka”, was “the largest international police operation to date targeting the Southern Italy-based Ndrangheta mafia group,” according to sources.

Police arrested more than 100 mafia members and supporters involved in drug trafficking, illegal arms trade and money laundering.

The crime group has been charged with money laundering, gang-like tax evasion, commercial gang fraud and drug trafficking, the police said in a statement.

It was stated that more than 100 workplaces and residences were raided in Germany alone.

It was noted that the investigation was initiated in 2019, when a pizzeria in Ghent, Belgium, was linked to the mafia.

According to the news of the Italian ANSA agency, within the framework of the operation, places related to Ndrangheta-related people and institutions were raided in Katanzaro, Vibo Valentia, Pescara, Milan, Salerno, Catania, Savona, Bologna, Vicenza, L’Aquila, Ancona, Rome and Cagliari.

– It is believed that large quantities of cocaine were smuggled from South America to Europe

Known as one of Italy’s most dangerous crime syndicates, Ndrangheta is believed to have smuggled large quantities of cocaine into Europe from South America, mostly using large commercial container ports in Belgium and the Netherlands.

According to investigators, the group’s money laundering network mainly operates in Germany, Belgium and Portugal, investing in restaurants and real estate in various countries.

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