National Coalition Party ahead in early voting in Finland

[Fotoğraf: Reuters Arşiv]

According to the preliminary results shared by the Electoral Board, the votes of the National Coalition Party reached 20.8 percent, an increase of 3.8 percent compared to the previous elections.

The vote of the Social Democratic Party, led by current Prime Minister Sanna Marin, increased by 3 percent to 20.7 percent, according to the preliminary results.

The vote of the far-right populist True Finns Party, led by Riikka Purra, increased by 1.1 percent to 18.6 percent.

According to the early voting results, which corresponded to 40 percent of all votes, the party that lost the most votes was the Green Union, known as “Finland’s Greens” with 4.2 percent. The Greens’ vote fell to 7.3 percent.

The uncertain results of the elections are expected to be announced at midnight tonight. Then, tomorrow, the votes will be recounted in the election committees. The final results of the elections are expected to be announced on April 5.

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