National strategy document to fight antisemitism in the USA published

Douglas Emhoff, Jewish wife of US Vice President Kamala Harris, introduced the “US National Strategy to Combat Anti-Semitism” at the White House.

Biden, in the video message released at the beginning of the program, pointed out that cases of antisemitism were increasing in the country and said this was “unacceptable”.

“We must say clearly and strongly that anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred and violence have no place in the United States.” Biden said that being silent about hate crimes is equivalent to being complicit.

First national strategy to combat antisemitism

Biden stated that they published the first national strategy against antisemitism and that the strategy in question was the most comprehensive effort to combat antisemitism in American history.

As part of the strategy, Biden stated that steps will be taken to raise awareness about both anti-Semitism and the heritage of American Jews, to improve safety and security for Jewish communities, to prevent the normalization of anti-Semitism, to counter discrimination against Jews, and to increase solidarity between different communities to fight hate crimes.

Noting that the national strategy includes more than 100 “bold and unprecedented” actions by state institutions to counter anti-Semitism, Biden said that Congress, state and local governments, technology platforms, civil society and faith leaders will also have duties in this context.

Among the things to be done within the scope of the strategy are to provide trainings on the Holocaust in schools, museums and libraries, to support research on antisemitism, to provide financial and technical support to the fight against antisemitism, to cooperate with the FBI and the Anti-Terrorism Center with technology companies and civil society, and to hold social media platforms accountable for the spread of hate crimes. steps are included.

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