Netflix begins imposing additional fees for password sharing

Netlix company, which is preparing to carry the pressure for account sharing to the USA, has announced a new fee schedule it has created for its US customers who share passwords.

Accordingly, Netflix announced that users can share account information for an additional $ 8 per month.

In the UK, this fee was set at £5.

On the other hand, it was stated that these options are only available to customers using the standard and premium plan.

The company announced that a total of 100 million households worldwide use a Netflix account, including 30 million users in the US and Canada.

The push for password sharing that began in Latin America last year has been interpreted as an important part of Netflix’s strategy to generate more revenue from users.

In Spain, however, this strategy backfired.

More than 1 million users lost

It lost more than a million subscribers in the first three months of the year when it started charging 5.99 euros for an additional account in Spain.

On Tuesday, Netflix sent an email to customers in 103 countries and regions, including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico and Singapore, about account sharing.

The company has previously warned investors that there will be cancellations as it expands its program, but said, “Long-term, paid sharing will provide a greater revenue base from which we can grow as we develop our service.”

In Canada, where the changes were implemented in February, the paid membership base is now larger than before the changes, and revenue growth has accelerated as said earlier.

Netflix previously estimated that more than 100 million households share passwords, despite it being against its official guidelines.

The company wants to leverage this audience to make more money as subscriber growth slows and increased competition is challenging its dominance in the streaming market.

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