New record set in global military spending

Global military spending increased by 3.7 percent in 2022, reaching $2 trillion 240 billion.

According to the report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute SIPRI, this figure is recorded as an all-time high.

The Russia-Ukraine war is considered to be the reason for the increase.

Military spending in the European countries most affected by the war saw its fastest annual increase in 30 years.

The expenditures of countries in Central and Western Europe amounted to 345 billion dollars.

This is the highest annual increase recorded in Europe since the Cold War era.

The top three are the USA, China and Russia

The three top spenders in 2022 are the USA, China and Russia. These countries account for 56 percent of the world’s military spending.

The military expenditures of Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, increased by 640 percent in 2022 and reached 44 billion dollars.

640 percent was the highest annual increase ever recorded in a country’s military spending.

According to the report, Turkey is the 23rd country with the highest defense spending of 10 billion 600 million dollars in the world.

Turkey’s share in global defense spending is 5 per thousand.

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