North Korea suspends family visits in prisons

According to the news of the Seoul-based Daily NK website, which is based on a North Korean source who did not want to be named, North Korean authorities ordered the suspension of family visits in prisons, citing “complicated political conditions in the country”.

The source stated that “the people organized to join the army due to the warmongering of their enemies”, so the order was given to tighten discipline in the prisons in this complex environment.

Stating that prisoners with “corrosive and rebellious” attitudes towards the government were identified and put on the list to be “liquidged” in case of emergency or war, the source said, “Therefore, the authorities concluded that in these complex political conditions, family visits of prisoners could not be allowed.” said.

The source said that the number of prisoners sent to the field for daily agricultural work was also reduced, while the remaining prisoners were trained in their cells to learn the socialist system.

Noting that among the prisoners working in the fields, “shoot orders” were given to those who act suspiciously, the source added that the acceptance of packages sent by the families to the prisoners is allowed for now, provided that they are checked.

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